Our Story

This incredible initiative was spearheaded by the visionary Dr. Ofri Don Tofield and brought to life by a dedicated team of professionals who volunteered their time during a time of war to make this innovation a reality.

The MDA Bot is not just a health questionnaire; it’s a smart, time-saving solution to ensure you’re eligible to donate before heading to an MDA blood donation station.

How it works?

Save Time

Say goodbye to long waits at the blood donation station. The MDA Bot can swiftly determine your eligibility, saving you hours of precious time.​

Get Accurate Information

Rest assured that the MDA Bot is built on the latest medical guidelines and regulations, providing you with accurate, up-to-date information.

Efficient Resource Management

By using the MDA Bot, you help MDA staff better manage resources by reducing the number of ineligible donors visiting the stations.

The Team Behind The Project

An amazing group of volunteers worked together to build this project

Ofri Don Tofield MD

Project Leader

Avi Merkado MD

Medical Specialist

Chen Rozenbaum

UX/UI Designer

Lionel Resnik

Backend Developer​

Avner Hadjadj

Frontend Developer

Tami Shlasky Nachalon

Product Manager

Natan Kreiderman

Data Analyst

Daniel Leinov


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